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25 Aug

Have you ever left your husband alone for a few weeks? Well, this is my first time! I have to go back to Brazil for a few weeks and my hubby will be left home alone.

I trust him, I do, however I know him!

I am leaving plenty of little notes,including:

Eat healthy!

Eat the yogurt in the front first!

Eat oatmeal everyday!

Buy more vitamins!

The notes alone are not enough, I also gave him verbal warnings: Please don’t clean the house only a day before a arrive! Please eat this food first otherwise it will expire! Please make sure to use the right cleaning products!

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Groupo Corpo

24 Aug

For those who live in Belo Horizonte, Brasil, the Ballet Groupo Corpo will be performing in the Palacio das Artes from August 23rd to 26th with the play Banguele|Sem mim.

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Music of the day :Feist

23 Aug

Have you ever heard about Feist? She is a Indie Canadian singer. I love her voice!

She is on tour now. Check her tour dates!



Lana Del Rey for H&M

22 Aug

Lana Del Rey is the face for the new H&M Fall Campaign. The collection will formally be release on Sept.19, but until them we have a sneak preview!

The clothes look amazing, and they are inspired in the 60’s. Lana did a good job and the photos are very Priscilla Presley alike.

Can’t wait to be able to buy some of these outfits!

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H&M Home

21 Aug

H&M has a home line that is fantastic! Unfortunately they still haven’t launched here in Switzerland, however I can always take a pick in the H&M UK! I am sure they have H&M Home America and other countries in Europe. I can’t wait until they open one around here!

The items are very trendy and the prices, like anything in H&M, are very affordable!

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Work in progress

20 Aug

I am finalizing my french dresser! I am very happy with it!

Remember the door knobs I bought a few month ago in Point Vert? Well I found a home for them. They look amazing with the new dresser!

Here a sneak pick of how the dresser will look!

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Recycled Vase

18 Aug

Remember all that beer that we drank the other day? Well, I thought the bottles were to pretty to throw them away so I decided to turn them into a flower vase!

It was super easy to make and it looks great! You only need string and bottles for these arrangement. Tie them together, fill with water and add your flowers!

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