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Winter for beginners

17 Oct

A friend,that recently moved to Canada, asked me to post some tips about winter clothes.

I will say this with convection, winter is COLD. Do not underestimate winter. Always check the temperature before leaving the house and if possible always carry an extra layer of clothing with you. The key of keeping warm in winter is layering. Make sure you have an under layer, bottom and top( base layer are tight to the body and keep your body warm), a top layer and a jacket. If it is snowing, a water proof with a hoodie jacket, is the best option.

Accessories are a must.Hats, gloves,scarfs and a good pair of boots will really make a difference. Continue reading


Vacation tip

15 Oct

If you are around Europe and love an adventure you should definitely check this hotel out!


The Kakslauttanen Hotel is in North Finland, and you can sleep inside glass igloos under the northern lights! But if sleeping inside an igloo is too much for you, you can  choose to sleep inside one of there amazing cabins! Continue reading


15 Oct

Well this past Thursday was Alex’s birthday. Happy Birthday! So I’ve been busy with the celebrations.

Continue reading

DIY coffee table

9 Oct

Remeber I mentioned that my hubby made us a coffee table? So, here it is!


He made it using crates and wine boxes. He painted the crates with a white stain, attached them with brackets and add 4 feet to it. He took the front of the wine boxes and screw them on the top. Now we have a very nice and original coffee table! Continue reading


9 Oct


Mid- season sale! Who doesn’t like this? Autumn is here and together comes the sales! All stores have great deals from electronics to clothes! H&M has a super sale and you can find clothes for CHF5! Media Markt and Interdiscount are also in sale! Zara, Mango and other clothes stores also have great deals! Keep an eye open!

Mid-season liquidação! Quem não gosta disso? O outono está aqui e junto vem a liquidação! Todas as lojas estão com grandes promoções, de eletrônicos a roupas! H & M está com uma super liquidação e você pode encontrar roupas por CHF5! Media Markt e Interdiscount estão também em promoção! Zara, Mango, e outras lojas de roupas  também estão com otimos preços! Fique de olho aberto!

I am back!!!

8 Oct

Hello again! I am back FINALLY! I took the month off since I was travelling and solving visa related issues, but now I am back full of news!

I came back home, and my hubby did not destroyed the house! yeah! In fact he improved our home! He is wonderful! He MADE us a coffee table ( soon to come), bought a new sofa, cleaned the house and even did laundry! I was very impressed!

He also bought me little gifts! A granny trolley as we called it ( it’s actually a shopping trolley), a beautiful wind charm for our french dresser and other decorations features! It is good to be back home!

Olá de novo! Finalmente eu estou de volta! Passei o mês de folga já que eu estava viajando e resolvendo alguns problemas relacionad ao meu visto mas estou de volta cheia de novidades!
Voltei para casa, e meu marido não destruiu a casa! yeah! Na verdade, ele melhorou a nossa casa! Ele é maravilhoso! Ele nos fez uma mesa de café (em breve postarei), comprou um sofá novo, limpou a casa e até mesmo fez lavanderia! Fiquei muito impressionada!

Ele me encheu de presentinhos! Agora tenho granny trolley como nós o chamamos (na verdade é um carrinho de compras), um wind charm para a nossa cristaleira e outras coisas de decorações!Ahh como é bom estar de volta!

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