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3 Steps carrot cake

5 Dec

This cake is a great cake for when you have left over carrots.

Is easy, quick and delicious!

Carrot cake with chocolate sauce

Carrot cake with chocolate sauce

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Easy peasy orange cake :)

8 Nov

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Beer Tasting

15 Aug

The other day we decided to be adventurous and try different beers. We picked them randomly in the super market. I have to say that some were a big hit but others not so much. 

From the left to the right.

-Leffe Vieille Cuvee, this beer is from Belgium, this version of Leffe is very nice. It’s darker and creamier. It is classify as a abbey beer old amber, since it is an aged beer. I definitely recommend this one!

-Pecheresse is also a Belgium beer. This beer is great for the summer, it is brewed with peaches and they give the beer a very interesting taste! It is very refreshing and it tastes like a cocktail. I really recommend this beer Continue reading

Homemade American biscuits

6 Aug

I love biscuits. For those who doesn’t know what they are, they are a small bread made with baking powder instead of yeast. They are crispy and brown on the outside and fluffy and soft inside. They are delicious. You can serve them as a bread with butter and jam, or with gravy or as part of a dish.

I served them with stuffed red bell peppers. It was yummm!! I made them as healthy and easy as I could!

I made with little butter and whole wheat flour. It was a success!

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Vegetable Lasagna

3 Aug

Yesterday I made this Vegetable lasagna!

We loved it! It is creamy, tasty, cheesy and healthier than normal lasagna. It is super easy to make and you can add whatever vegetable you like. I made mine with leeks, broccoli and zucchini.

I also used spinach lasagna sheet instead of the normal one. It adds more flavour and looks better! 🙂

The mozzarella on top is 45% less fat. and you don’t need much. Hubby really enjoyed it and I did too! Hope you will enjoy it as well! Continue reading

Ladurée Crans-Montana

27 Jul

We finally have a Ladurée shop near us! It opened a few weeks ago in Crans! Just a few block away from my house! Dangerous.

Alex and I already been there and the maracoons are everything and more that I expected! Chewy, creamy and full of flavour. We had 2 each, chocolate, pistachio, chocolate gana( a darker and richer version of the chocolate one) and lemon with basil! They are not very expensive, CHF2,40 for each.

For those who don’t know what Ladurée is, it is a french patisserie shop, very famous for its macoroons( a dense merengue made with almond flour and usually filled with a creamy filling). They have shops all over the world and the famous one is in Paris.

If you have a shop near you it is worth trying their macoroons. I am sure you won’t regret!

Finalmente temos uma loja Ladurée perto de nós! Abriu há algumas semanas em Crans! Apenas a um quarteirão de distância da minha casa! Perigoso.

Alex e eu já estivemos lá e os maracoons são tudo e mais do que eu esperava! Macios,cremosos e cheio de sabor. Compramos 2 cada, chocolate, pistache, chocolate gana (uma versão escura e mais rica do que o de chocolate normal) e limão com manjericão! Eles não são muito caros, CHF2, 40 cada um.

Para aqueles que não sabem o que é Ladurée, é uma loja de patisserie francesa, muito famosa por seus macoroons (um merengue denso feito com farinha de amêndoa e geralmente preenchido com um recheio cremoso). Eles têm lojas no mundo todo e a mais famosa é em Paris. 

Se você tem uma loja perto de você vale a pena experimentar os macoroons. Acho que tem uma Ladurée em São Paulo. Tenho certeza que você não vai se arrepender!

Creamy Garlic Pasta

26 Jul

Last night I decided to cheat on our healthy diet and try this yummy creamy garlic pasta recipe!

I can tell you we couldn’t get enough of it! I loved it! It is creamy, easy to make and very tasty!

It needs 5 main ingredients?( pasta, cream, garlic, Parmesan,chicken stock) and you only need 1 pot to make it! You can make it healthier by replacing the pasta for whole wheat pasta and adding veggies. I added capers and it was perfect! Continue reading

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